North American region

The North American Section secretary is Michael J. Connor

North America Section Meetings

The Oriental Numismatic Society North American Section meetings are held on Zoom, with in person sessions in New York and other locations. Presentations made at meetings are available on the Oriental Numismatic Society channel on YouTube.

Oriental Numismatic Society North American Section meetings and information are also available on the ONS North America Facebook page.

Annual dues are $35

  • Paypal friends/family to I particularly request Canadian members to use this method unless you are using a US-based bank.
  • Checks to
    Oriental Numismatic Society
    PO Box 370602
    Reseda, CA 91337

Previous meetings


January 15, 2022, 5pm, over Zoom and in person, during the NY International Numismatic Convention.

The program was

  • “My favorite coin” – brief 5-minute presentations
  • Michael J. Connor: Two drachms from eastern Parthia
  • Peter Linenthal: An interesting bronze of Kanishka with Buddha reverse
  • Robert Hoge: The Abbasid dinar of Al-Mansur issued by Charlemagne
  • P. Hari Prasad: A dinar of Muhammad bin Tughlaq
  • Aleksandr Naymark: “Foreign coins of the 1st-4th centuries CE found in Sogdiana (Parthian, Kushan, Post-Kushan, Sasanian, Kushano-Sasanian, and Roman).”
  • Stuart Sears: “A Misunderstood Governor: al-Hakam b. Abi al-‘As and the Legitimation of Umayyad Rule in Seventh Century CE Kirman”
  • Bilal Ahmed: “Mahmud of Ghazni’s Coinage From Lahore”

The meeting was simulcast on screen in the Astor Suite I of the InterContinental New York Barclay hotel during the the NYINC coin show.

January 9, 2021 at noon, via Zoom


  • Prashant Kulkarni: Dies of Vidarbha punch-marked coins and estimated currency production
  • Joe Cribb: Kushan gold coins: Using die studies to understand the function of reverse designs
  • John Deyell: How are we to interpret Medieval India’s posthumous coins?
  • Joe Boling: Counterfeit paper from China

January 18, 2020 during NYINC at the Grand Hyatt hotel


  • Aleksandr Naymark: “Mint of Ishtikhan in the 8th century”
  • Bilal Ahmed: “Jain influence on medieval Multan: re-deciphering the biruda of Amir Fahad”
  • John Deyell: “Shiny deception: surface enrichment in medieval Indian silver coins”
  • Ujjwal Brian Saha: a brief talk on some new Gupta coins.

After the talks, we will go out to dinner at Bukhara Grill.