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September 2022: XVI International Numismatic Congress

The XVI International Numismatic Congress is to be held on September 11-16, 2022 in Warsaw, Poland. This Congress is held once every six years and is a great venue to meet numismatists from all over the world.

There will be reception and informal meeting for the ONS at the National Museum, where we will be hosted by Andrzej Romanowski, Head of the Numismatic Department in the evening on Thursday September 15th.

September 2022: Seventh Century Syrian Numismatic Round Table at Corpus Christi College Oxford

26th and 27th September 2022 at Corpus Christi College Oxford

All enquiries to Tony Goodwin a.goodwin2@btopenworld.com

The Round Table aims to bring together numismatists, historians and archaeologist with an interest in Late Antiquity/Early Islam in Syria/Palestine and the surrounding area. This will be a small, informal conference which will include at least 16 papers with ample time allowed for discussion. The central focus will be the seventh century Byzantine coinage circulating in the Near East and the Syrian Arab-Byzantine coinage, but there will also be a few papers on related historical topics. A full programme will be published around one month before the conference date.

All papers will subsequently be published in a new volume of ‘Coinage and History in the Seventh Century Near East’.

There is a conference fee of £35 which covers refreshments and sandwich lunches over the two days. A limited number of college rooms will also be available at a cost of £60 per night.

The conference is open to all, but numbers are limited and pre-registration is essential.

Location: Rainolds Room, Corpus Christi College, Merton Street, Oxford OX1 4JF

Monday 26th

  • Coffee and tea available from 9.45
  • 10.00. Welcome
  • 10.05. Tony Goodwin – The Heraclian mint of Isaura
  • 10.50. Steve Mansfield – Some observations on the copper coinage of Thessalonica under Heraclius
  • 11.35. Stephen Maxfield – Folles of Heraclius struck in Sicily
  • 12.00. David Woods – Some unpublished copper varieties of Constans II
  • 12.30. Lunch
  • 1.25. Jack Nurpetlian – The circulation of early Byzantine coins in the Levant – the case study of Beirut
  • 2.00. Michael den Hartog – Coins from Udhruh, Jordan – some preliminary findings
  • 2.45. Tasha Vorderstrasse – A probable Byzantine coin hoard from Carthage
  • 3.05 Coffee and tea
  • 3.20 Stephen Maxfield – Reflections on the two different iconographies of Christ on the gold coins of Justinian II
  • 4.05 Tony Goodwin – some more ‘Very Peculiar’ Pseudo-Byzantine coins
  • 4.25 David Woods – Reading the legends of the most common variety of the Two Imperial Bust type of Arab-Latin Gold Coinage of North Africa

Tuesday 27th

  • 9.30 Dietrich Schnȁdelbach – Byzantine solidi in 7 th century Syria, Arab imitations and the transition to the post-reform dinar
  • 10.15 Nitzan Amitai-Preiss – Umayyad Caliphal seals
  • 11.00 Coffee and tea
  • 11.15 Ingrid Schulze – The enigmatic minting of Standing Caliph coins in Jund Qinnasrīn
  • 12.00 Wolfgang Schulze – Where were the Standing Caliph coins with mint name Qurus and Jibrīn struck?
  • 12.30 Wolfgang Schulze – The Standing Caliph coins with the mint name Qurus – third approach
  • 1.00 Lunch
  • 2.00 Andrew Oddy – The Lazy BZ Workshop, the OHO Workshop and other Phase 1 Workshops
  • 2.45 Marcus Phillips – Why was the ‘coinage reform’ of ‘Abd al-Malik so successful?
  • 3.30 Tea and closing discussion

December 2022: Festschrift dedicated to 20th Anniversary of ZENO.RU

December 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the start of the ZENO.RU project - an online database on oriental numismatics. We are announcing the call for papers for the Festschrift dedicated to this anniversary date.

  • January 1, 2022: Deadline for the call for papers.