Online Publications

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Hans Loeschner: Notes on the Yuezhi – Kushan Relationship and Kushan Chronology (2014 revised version of 2008 publication)

Jeremy Franks: Extracts from the diary of Christopher Henrik Braad, a Swede in Surat (1999)

J Lingen The Dating of the Reign of Muhammad Shah and Nadir Shah’s invasion of India (1999)

NG Rhodes Gaden Tankas Jan (1983)

NG Rhodes The First E.I.C. Ae Coins for Bengal (1999)

NG Rhodes New Nepalese Copper Coin of Kumaon (1999)

RC Senior Kshaharata Questions (1999)

K Khromov The rare Tartar-Genoese Ae coin (2000)

S Heidemann The First Documentary Evidence for Qara Qorum, from the Year 635/1237-8 Oct 05


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