ONS Council

The ONS is governed by the Society’s council.

The council meets about four times a year and oversees the society’s finances, publications, membership and web presence.


Office Name
Secretary General (interim) Pankaj Tandon
Secretary General (emeritus) Paul Stevens
Deputy Secretary-General (interim) Joe Cribb
Deputy Secretary-General (emeritus) Stan Goron
Editor of the Journal Paula Turner
Treasurer Ashok Jain,
Council Secretary Helen Wang
Publication Secretary Shailendra Bhandare
E-Communications Secretary Ed Snible
Council members Robert Bracey
David Harthill
Terry Hayes
Howard Simmons
South Asia Section Secretary Mohit Kapoor
North America Section Secretary Michael J. Connor
UK and Eire Section Secretary Helen Wang
Europe Section Secretary Patrick Pasmans
Pakistan Section Secretary Haroon Tareen
General Section Secretary Mark Ritchie