The Oriental Numismatic Society is a world-wide network of those interested in Oriental coins and money (collectors, scholars, and enthusiasts).

The Society publishes the Journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society, an international journal that is released quarterly to our members worldwide.

The different regional sections of the Society hold meetings around the world at which members can meet and hear talks by collectors, scholars and enthusiasts working on a variety of numismatic topics.

Society Activities

Upcoming Meetings

European Region. September 9, 2023

The annual ONS meeting in the Netherlands will be held at the premises of the Leiden University, Leiden, Netherlands.

ONS Quarterly Lecture Series online/worldwide Saturday, Saturday, October 21 4 pm London time. Zoom only. Jens Jakobsson: An introduction to Bactrian and Indo-Greek coins and chronology 250-150 BCE.