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Archive of the Society Journal

The Oriental Numismatic Society began publishing newsletters when it was founded to provide a means for communication between members. In September 1971 the first Information Sheet was published, which contained an article by Terry Hardaker entitled 'Silver Punchmarked and Asssociated Coins'.

The Information Sheets were soon supplemented by Occasional Papers and then in 1976 with issue 42 the Newsletter began to include short articles. In 1985 with Newsletter no.96 Stan Goron and Howard Simmons took over the editor-ship of the Newsletter from Michael Mitchiner, and in 1986 with no.102 Stan Goron took on sole editorship. At this time it was normal for six issues to appear in a year, and on some occassions issue numbers were merged together.

After Stan Goron took over the editorship the size of the newsletter began to grow substantially and it was eventually renamed the Journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society. It continues to be published four times a year and the numbering of journals remains continuous with the old newsletter.

Journals, articles, features

The archive currently allows you to browse the journals by the date of their publication. At launch in 2017 this consists of journals, newsletter, information sheets, and other material which were scanned from hard copies. Additional issues of the journal will be added as time progresses, as well as options to browse by author and title, and to search the archive. Currently whole issues must be downloaded but it is hoped that eventually it will be possible to download individual articles from an issue. It is also hoped that the archive will eventually replace the existing index of the journal but as the society depends on the voluntary time of editors and secretaries this may take some time.

Rolling Wall

Current members of the society will continue to receive a hard copy of the journal four times a year through their regional secretary. Only those issues which are at least five years old will be made available online.